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Frequently Asked Questions

Utilities have historically controlled all three components of the energy industry. In the late 1990s many states enacted de-regulatory legislation to break up the monopolies. Deregulation divides the processes of energy generation, transmission and consumer supply allowing the end user to choose the supplier with the best rates available.

Your energy is produced by both independent, cooperative and government power producers throughout the country. Traditional producers include coal fired, natural gas, nuclear, hydro-electric and petroleum fired plants. Our sources also produce energy through renewable resources such as wind farms, solar arrays and waste to energy production. The energy you purchase from Frontline Power Solutions is distributed by your local utility company.

Your local utility provides all aspects of delivering your electricity or gas and maintaining the transport infrastructure.

Contact your local utility company. Your local utility will handle all repairs and provide information regarding outages, service alerts, storm alerts and restoration information in case of emergency or general outage.

Your electrical service does not change and will not be interrupted in any manner. The only change will be the savings you see in the energy supply portion of your bill.

There are no fees or costs associated with switching to Frontline's Supply Services. You will enjoy your current reliable electricity service and save on supply costs with Frontline's custom supply plans.

Frontline's energy consulting experts will evaluate your usage history and trends in the current market. We will provide you with the best plan and rates available from a variety of options. Our experience with the current market trends, energy producers, efficiency programs and incentives allows us to advise and supply the best product for your specific power requirements.

Your supply rate will "vary" from month to month. Certain months your supply rate may be higher than your local utility and certain months be considerably lower. Our goal is to provide a substantial aggregate savings over a contract period of six to forty eight months depending on your consumption history and energy efficiency goals. Other factors include applicable taxes, margins and fees associated with supplying your energy. All taxes, fees, margins and other associated costs will be disclosed up front and agreed upon before your contract commences.

A fixed rate plan will lock in an agreed upon fixed rate per kWh for a predetermined contract period. Customers with fixed budgets are protected from fluctuating energy markets and have budget certainty for the term of their fixed rate agreement.

Switching is easy, your FPS energy consultant will do all the work.

Frontline analyzes your current consumption and with your permission, analyzes historical usage, regulatory, and tax data to determine the best plan available for your company.

No, the Frontline supply charge will replace the current supply charge on your current utility bill. You will pay your bill to your local utility for both supply and transmission. There will be no interruption in service or billing.

Yes, we have a variety of renewable energy programs that include renewable energy credits “RECs” from several renewable technologies.

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