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Frontline Power Solutions (FPS) is a comprehensive energy solutions company. FPS is a collective of industry experts who have been on the "Frontline" of energy procurement, sales, marketing, analysis and information technology in the power industry since the dawn of deregulation. Our combined intellectual and leveraged resources translate to unmatched value to our customers. We can provide full service power supply solutions, including supply, billing, auditing, renewable energy supply and consulting, efficiency consulting and incentive coordination for large or small enterprises.

Our customers expect, and we deliver creative power supply solutions with the utmost professional integrity and allegiance to their best interests.

Our industry positioning with top power producers give us the ability to leverage pricing and provide substantial savings to our customers.

Become a Commercial Partner

Frontline Power specializes in power supply solutions for large scale commercial institutions, in and across all deregulated markets. Our seasoned industry professionals can design a product portfolio to fit your specific needs and reduce overall power expenses dramatically. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with a Commercial Power Specialist.

Become an Industrial Partner

Our industrial power supply veterans have been providing efficient power solutions to industrial, manufacturing, data centers, municipalities and government entities since the inception of utility deregulation. We offer consulting and supply services to major industrial firms throughout the country. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with an Industrial Power Specialist.

Career Opportunities

If you are a sales and marketing professional or a seasoned energy consultant, we are interested in You. If You are interested in joining our professional team of energy consultants contact us today. Opportunities for positions with advancement are available.